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Webasto Thermo Pro 50 Eco

The Webasto Thermo Pro 50 Eco has been specifically designed for use in small to medium-sized commercial and speciality vehicles and lightweight trucks. It's ideal to fit into vehicles with limited space due to its compact dimensions and lightweight design.

The heater will warm the engine to its correct operating temperature before you start the engine, for optimum fuel efficiency. With the Webasto Thermo Pro's innovative features, it will maintain a constant comfortable temperature in the interior of the vehicle during rest stops or when the engine is turned off.

Product Benefits

  • Engine-independent water heater with 2.5 to 5kW of heating power
  • The most lightweight heater at only 2.1kg
  • Compact design
  • High quality product
  • Service life of 3,000 hours
  • Altitude adjustment
  • Residual heat usage
  • Available for retrofitting or initial installation

Installation Example

webasto Thermo Pro

Webasto Heating system video

Data sheets and info

Webasto Thermo Pro 50 Eco