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Mobile Auto Electrician

Our mobile auto electrician fault diagnosis service, ensures we can diagnose and repair your electrical fault across Surrey & Hampshire. Please see our areas covered for the full area our mobile auto electrician services cover. If you prefer, you can bring your vehicle to our workshop based just outside Guildford, Surrey.

Our auto electricians have many years of experience in auto electrical fault diagnosis across all makes and model of vehicle. Using the latest technology in daignostic equipment, we are able to find and repair your vehicles auto electrical faults.

Our auto electricians are able to carry out the following diagnostic and repair work:

Wiring Fault diagnosiswiring fault diagnosis

We are able to diagnose and repair a variety of wiring faults that occur on all makes and model of vehicle. Wiring fault diagnosis can be a quick or time consuming job to do, depending on the type of fault and vehicle. We would recommend leaving your vehicle with us, so we can ensure that the fault is found in the quickest cost effective manner possible.

Engine Management System Diagnosticsengine management system fault diagnostic

Does your engine management light come on? Does your ESP light come on and stay on for no obvious reason? Has your engine been misfiring , stalling or maybe you have poor idling? In modern vehicles if your car has developed a fault, your engine control unit (ECU) will normally record the fault in the form of a fault code.

Using the latest diagnostic equipment we can carry out the following:

  • Switch off the engine management light
  • Read and clear stored engine fault codes
  • View engine information in real time
  • Print fault code reports
  • Diagnose engine and sensor faults
  • Carry out inspection and maintenance tests

Your engine management light is a warning indicator which can be illuminated by the ECU depending on how severe the fault code is. The light could be alerting you to a number of faults from a wiring fault, to a sensor detecting readings out of the permitted range.

If the engine management light is flashing, this could indicate a more serious fault that could be damaging to your vehicle, in this case we recommend not driving your vehicle.

Central Locking Repairscentral locking fault finding

Your central locking might have completely failed or you may have an intermittent fault with your system. What ever the case, our auto electricians can diagnose and repair your central locking system.

Hammond Auto have the expertise to repair keyless and manual central locking systems.

Electric Window Repairselectric window repairs

Do you have intermittent electric window operation, or have your electric windows have stoppped working altogether? Our auto electricians can diagnose and repair your electric window system.

Parking Sensor Repairsparking sensor repairs

Have your parking sensors stopped working? Our auto electricians can test your parking sensor system, diagnose and repair any faulty parts or wiring.

Hammond Auto can carry out all fault diagnostics on electrical faults on all makes and model of vehicle. Contact us today if you believe you may have an electrical fault with your vehicle and need our mobile auto electrician service.