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Diavia Intergrated Heating Systems

Diavia intergrated heating systems are the ideal versatile solution for providing warmth in minibuses and commercial vehicles. These heating systems can be installed uder the dashboard or under the roof in a range of vehicles. What sets these apart from the rest is their durability, high-efficiency fans and blowers that provide a constant airflow.

With the large variety of accessories available, vehicle-specific installation kits, control units, air vents and ducts, makes these heaters really versatile.

Product Benefits

  • High performance heating from 3.8 - 13kW
  • Ability to be installed under the dash or roof installation
  • Durable
  • Highest quality components
  • High thermodynamic efficiency
  • Require minimal maintenance

Diavia Heating System Video

Technical Information

Diavia intergrated heating system technical data